Veal Barrosã, bacalhau in the oven, kid, cabidela rice, milk-cream, are some of the delicacies minhotas that are part of Gerês gastronomy. Phone: 00351 253 391185 Scroll

The Gastronomy of Gerês

In the local gastronomy the barrosã calf is the queen. Tender and tasty meat, steak or grilled chops, juicy accompanied with bean rice or carrot rice.

The rojões , accompanied by rice, fries and grelos, and cabidela rice , chicken of the field, are a specialty. Also the kid , especially in the Christmas and Easter periods, roasted or stewed and accompanied by potatoes roasted in a wood oven and carolino rice, is a dish not to be missed.

In winter the choice lies in the sarrabulho popes , in the unique and unique piloucos and in the alheiras .
Red bean feijoada , with cabbages, chorizo ​​and pork, cabbages with beans (yellow) and asuan bones, chorizo ​​and entrecosto, are other traditional dishes not to be missed.

As far as fish are concerned , the choice is for trout , cod in the oven , potato puree, cod to lagareiro , among other ways of making cod.

As for bread, the choice should be on the corn bread or the corn and rye bread . In the dessert, the creamed milk ou cream with cinnamon, the homemade egg pudding , for Christmas , vermicelli , formigos e french toast . Green wine , whether red or white, accompanies well the traditional dishes, but you can also choose wines from other regions of the country.

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