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What to do?

Gerês is a fabulous region to visit or spend a holiday in nature and traditions. If possible, try to book a few days, at different times of the year, to be able to enjoy walks, baths in pure water streams, stunning landscapes, visits to typical villages and coexistence with herders, barrosão cattle and meadows And always green lime. For the thermal treatment the period of about two weeks is recommended.

A weekend in Gerês, in the depths of nature

If it is the first time you visit Gerês and you have a short time, take the opportunity to visit the most important points by car, such as the viewpoint of Pedra-Bela and from there you will have the possibility to see the entire Gerês valley , Weather permitting, you can see Braga. Observe the vegetation, the cliffs, the golden bark of the pine tree, savor the fresh water of the fountains.

Take the carriage ride and head towards the Cascade of the Plow . Cross the bridge, park the car and climb the staircase. You will see one of the most beautiful waterfalls and water well. If it's summer, you can take a shower. Continue to climb, if you still pain day, and you will find other beautiful ponds. You can see some cork oaks, which still retain virgin cork. Return to Gerês, for the Ermida , where you can snack and observe the fields of traditional agriculture.

Returning to Gerês, you can have a drink at the Torga or the terrace of the Gerês Carvalho Araújo Hotel, or you can try out a relaxing activity at the SPA or Clube Saúde. For dinner, you can opt for the Hotel, by appointment or by one of the restaurants Of Gerês.

After a comforting night, and breakfast, nothing better than a walk to feel the Gerês. We suggest the trail of Preguiça , next to the Gerês River . It is a beautiful trail where you can observe native vegetation and where water is always present.

Afterwards, you can drive to Portela do Homem, cross the Mata de Albergaria , without stopping, but enjoying its beauty and freshness. At Portela do Homem , look out for the visit of Spain, and observe the contrast in the landscape. Go back towards Gerês, but turn in the direction of Campo do Gerês . Be careful, you will see along the dirt road, on the left side, some milestones, sign of the Roman Geira .

Seguir Rio Homem , you will pass by the Vilarinho das Furnas reservoir and you will arrive at Campo do Gerês. There you can visit the ethnographic museum of Vilarinho das Furnas, see the Cruise and then to Covide you can visit the Museum of Geira . In the meantime he had lunch, and it must be late, the weekend started to run, we must return. You can follow in the direction of S. Bento da Porta Aberta , if you like you can visit the sanctuary.

This is just an example of many rides and how to spend a weekend in Gerês.

We recommend that you come with a camera, and comfortable clothes and shoes. You will see that the camera is the best way to record all the unforgettable moments you have enjoyed, as well as the elements of the landscape.

Contact us to help you pre-program your weekend in Gerês.

Nature Tourism

Observation of flora, fauna and geology, rivers and streams, through the practice of hiking and marked trails. The walks can be in autonomy, on marked rails, or if you prefer with companies licensed for the purpose.

> Active Tourism

Horse riding, canyoning, canoeing, mountain biking, arborismo, water rides, among others.

> Religious tourism

They are Benedict of the Open Door. Outside the Geres, but in the immediate vicinity: Monastery of Abadia, Bouro, and Braga. Not to miss the holy week in Braga. The Sanctuary of Nª. S.ª da Peneda with its staircase to remember the Bom Jesus de Braga, is one of the attractions of the Serra da Peneda

> Country Houses

In some of the rural villages, such as Tourém, Pincães, Ermida, Fafião, Pitões das Júnias, Covide, Brufe, traditional agriculture works, mills, bread preparation, linen and handicrafts can be observed.

> Cultural and ethnographic heritage

Examples of cultural and ethnographic heritage are Fojo do Lobo, Geira Romana, Diábo Bridge, Sta Maria das Júnias Monastery, Bouro Castle, Calcedonia, S.João do Campo Cruise, Vilarinho das Furnas Museum and Geira Museum.

A Vezeira, a secular activity that takes place between May and September. In general, the cattle come to the mountains on May 15 and are made up of livestock from different families accompanied by a representative, in turn, depending on the number of livestock in each family.

> Circuito das Albufeiras

The mirrors of water and the impressive works of the dams of Paradela, Salas, Alto Cávado, Alto Rabagão, Venda Nova, Salamonde, Caniçada, Vilarinho das Furnas, are also part of the richness of the region to visit.

> Nautical tourism

For those who enjoy water sports, such as canoeing, boat trips, the Marina de Rio Caldo, in the Caniçada dam, offers several possibilities.

… and much more!

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